• Level the area to be treated. Regrade the slope and tamp the soil to the desired shape. remove all protruding rocks, root stumps etc.
  • Do first seeding of grass at 10 g per sq.m. or desired alternative planting such as root slips. Tamp the surface again. Compact any loose soil.
  • Lay the coir fiber matting in rolls or grids in the direction of water flow. Adjoining nettings should overlap by 15 cm or be stitched together.
  • Secure top and bottom ends of the netting into slots about 30cm deep, dug into the slope for the purpose. Fill in the slots with soil and tamp it flush with the soil surface.
  • Peg down the nettings using staples of 3mm steel wire or similar. Staples should be driven at intervals of 30-60cm, along sides and overlapping sections at c/c 15 cm.
  • Do second seeding of grass at 10 g per sq m after the coir fiber matting is in place.
  • Irrigate the slope as required to promote the growth of vegetation.