Eco Peat (Compressed Coir Pith) is used as a bio-organic manure and soil conditioner which makes the soil healthy and sustainably fertile. Eco Peat is 100% organic renewable resource, eco friendly and saves water. It influences plant growth in the following different ways.

Eco Peat enhances soil humus content and supplies macro nutrients such as Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium and micro nutrients like Iron, Manganese, Zinc and Copper.

Eco Peat triggers on a higher level of microbial activity in soil, there by enhancing Nitrogen fixation, Phosphate solubilization and nutrient transformations. It supports a higher population of antagonistic microbes providing better health to the plants.

Eco Peat improves the physical characters of the soil such as texture and structure. It has very high porosity hence better root proliferation and a chance of water logging is minimum. Water holding capacity is phenomenal. Therefore efficiency of water utilization is improved tremendously. The material holds and releases water slowly therefore loss of water leaching is minimized in sandy soils. The high matrix space of ECO PEAT prevents leaching losses of nutrients.

Eco Peat has been found to be effective in correcting polluted soils especially sodic soils.

Eco Peat can be effectively used as mulch. It keeps soil temperature low during day and high during night.

Eco Peat helps to produce fruits, flowers, vegetables and grains with better flavor, color, taste, smell and shelf life. More significantly the produce is free from toxic residues.


  • Organic Manure for Crops
  • Soil Conditioner in fields
  • Growth medium in Green houses, Vineyards Flower beds, Nurseries & Lawns
  • Potting mix
  • Carrier material for bio-fertilizers
  • Casing soil mushroom cultivation
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