Coir Fiber Matting

Coir fiber matting also called an erosion control fabric are woven matting with different mesh size, to perform different functions like filtration, separation, drainage, reinforcement and erosion control. They have high tensile strength, water absorption capabilities (can hold up to 3 times of its own weight) and arrest run-off top soil. It is biodegradable and complete degradation in 3 to 5 years. Its unique properties include right strength, durability to prevent slopes against erosion and helps natural vegetation to take root.

A higher density means a tighter mesh and less open area in the netting. The lighter grades of coir fiber matting are suitable for prompt erosion control of all kinds of green areas. The netting can also be used at places like garbage dumps and mining areas, where land changes shape frequently.

The heavier grades can be used on embankments and slopes where there is little or no vegetation. Other advantageous applications are on ski slopes, and as a bottom reinforcing material in watercourses. Coir has good properties for use underwater. There the natural degradation is considerably slower, since microorganisms are generally less active.