Site Assessment:

The first step in the application of Coir fiber mattings is to make a detailed study of the sites; Slope assessment, nature and consistency of the soil cover, the extent of damage, rainfall patterns etc., to make the right and relevant choice of Coir fiber mattings for the site, as well as the seeds or sapling.

Slope Application:

Soil type assessment / slope blanket selection / slope vegetation / slope stabilization procedure

Channel Application:

Channel assessment / Channel liner selection / Channel vegetation selection / proposed vegetation assessment / Channel stabilization procedure.

Shoreline Application:

Shoreline assessment / Shoreline blanket selection / Shoreline vegetation selection / Shoreline stabilization.

Seeding/Planting Methods:

Quick germination, sod forming, grass species must be used whenever possible. While seeding/planting always match the seed / sapling to be used with the local soil conditions for optimum results. Standard seed broadcast methods are acceptable prior to erosion control blanket installation.