Manufacturer & Distributor of Eco-Friendly Erosion Control and Nursery Products

Welcome to Eco Fabriks, manufacturer and distributor of coconut fiber or coir erosion control products for mitigating soil erosion, enhancing sediment control and embankment or slope stabilization. Our products are free from any artificial material that may harm wildlife or affect other natural resources. Eco Fabriks’ coir products have a number of advantages over other synthetic products especially as they are economical and environment friendly. These products can be the perfect green solution to soil erosion problems and sedimentation problems.

Erosion control fabric and coir logs are the obvious choice for architects, landscapers and designers looking for a safe and viable alternative to synthetic and potential harmful material for usage in wetland and backyard gardening, as well as planting vegetation on roads, slopes and embankments. Coconut fiber or coir takes between 3 to 5 years to degrade to mulch that is beneficial to plant growth. Once considered a waste material, coir is now widely used in soil erosion treatment, as mulch and as a hydroponic growth medium for vegetation.